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La Paz Activities

La Paz and surroundings feature a wide range of interesting places to enjoy different sports and activities. Those visitors appealing to a sense of adventure as well as those ones who highly enjoy touring marvelous landscapes can find the best possibilities to complete an unforgettable trip to this destination.

Sport Fishing

The Sport Fishing is regarded as one of the most renowned activities in our destination; the bay of La Paz is overflowed with species like Dorado, Marlin and Tuna among other coveted species, this bay is also venue of several fishing tournaments year after year calling out enthusiasts who look up to catch the largest fish. The best season to practice this activity can be during summer, season when the Sargasso shows up and fish come up to the surface, however, throughout all year round is possible catching fish depending on the fish type.

The most coveted species are: the striped marlin, blue marlin, black marlin, dorado, tuna, wahoo and sea bream, although there are also other species quick to bite the hook such as: cabrilla fish, red fish, cochito fish, sierra and parrot fish, each one of these species is highly delightful for a meal or dinner.

Several fishing tournaments are held every year; departing from the tourist wharf, becoming one of the main attractions in the Malecon area, located over the bay and city’s downtown, tournaments vary from prizes and types, though welcoming a large number of enthusiasts who shift into the ocean with the mission to catch the largest fish.

Diving and Snorkeling

La Paz is surrounded by a full array of places that allow you practicing activities such as: scuba diving and snorkeling. The south Californian coasts are the richest littorals out of all Mexico’s states: 2,200 km that provide Baja California Sur State with remarkable richness as far as Sea Life’s aspects. El Bajo, Revillagigedo Islands, Cerralvo Island, Espiritu Santo Island, San Jose Island, Las Animas and Los Islotes are some of the most important places out of La Paz region where each experience becomes definitely unique and hard to forget.

The crystal clear waters of the Cortes Sea are spotted with natural submarine wonders, colorful fish, beautiful reefs, playful dolphins, sea lions and seals, imposing water snakes, sharks, hammer sharks, amazing shoals and fish masses among other species.

The matchless experience of diving alongside a whale shark is priceless, given that this is the largest fish in the world, reaching up to a 15 meter dimension featuring both shark and whale notorious characteristics, though with a certain mellow temper that allows approaching it to observe its unique specky colors of white circles. The gigantic sting gray also known as “Cubanas” is another important species that prowls all over the coasts, with fins 5 meters wide and breathtaking smooth motions; both are proud Californian Gulf species.


Kayaking is a very popular activity among regular visitors, the crystal clear, quiet waters, as well as beautiful landscapes and rocky formations make out of this place a paradise to discover. Scenarios that are samples of superb nature displayed within the Espiritu Santo Island and Balandra Beach, however, most of the littorals bordering La Paz are also worth admiring while touring on your kayak.

Most of these tours usually take place away from civilization, places that provide a pleasant vibe of peace and isolation. Along with this experience you can discover places that very few people have ever seen before, these natural settings give you the impression they were created exclusively for this activity. In order to get started with your expedition, a boat will transfer you to the place where you will camp or simply kayak. An essential part of this activity is the freedom factor; you will be able to move around within the expedition radius looking up for interesting spots and landscapes. The short distance visual contact with different species is very common, since the kayak quiet motion helps not disturbing the fish and fauna.


Whale Watching

From mid-January to April, whale watching activity takes place; this activity consists in traveling to Ojo de Liebre and San Ignacio lagoons, or well to the Magdalena Bay, where year after year the largest living creatures in the world roam the Baja California Sur coasts during their reproduction process to finally give birth to baby whales. This is a major attraction while traveling to this state in the year’s early seasons: The experience of approaching gigantic grey whales and being able to touch them from your boat it’s just something that can’t be described, you simply have to try it. These bays’ matchless climatic and geographic conditions are the reason why these mammals choose Baja California Sur bay to give birth; this activity is highly available.

Todos Santos

Towards the south of La Paz county you find the picturesque town of Todos Santos, a settlement well known by welcoming a great deal of artists from different Countries choosing this town as an inspirational setting in order to develop their works, a small, cozy place which offers excellent food, picturesque landscapes and outstanding weather becoming an excellent option for your tour.

Los Cabos

Anyone who visits La Paz can’t miss out the chance to visit the Los Cabos County; likewise, this tour is featured by tourist guides who lead you to the most important sites in Los Cabos, granting you with opportunity to discover one of the most important tourist ports.